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★★★★★ "A brave and unapologetic call to your wildness!" - Julie Taormina




My breath is feral. I can hear myself panting. My skin exudes the scent of musk and undomesticated mud.

From afar, I hear the sound of a loon wailing in its crazed laughter at the Moon.

It is dark, but my eyes can see perfectly. I hear him first. His heavy leather boots make a dissonant chord in the symphonic orchestration of opossum hymn, owl melody and cricket choir. He is corpulent and strangely agile in his cumbrous body, creating an arrhythmic pulse in the beat of the woodland at night.

It happened on the thirty-seventh Stream…

Sybil has been a Dreammaker at the Company for some years when she is visited by a peculiar being that invites her to question her reality and what she has come to think of as Good and Correct.

Over a three day liminal picnic she gains access to exiled parts of herself, realizes the dangers of living in an ill-fated utopian vision and begins the process of learning to listen to her own voice.


Join her and discover those hidden, feral crevices of yourself!



¨If you're looking for the future of storytelling, read Fox Woman Dreaming by Mexican poet-musician-dancer Joy Voigt.¨  - August Tarantino, Author.


¨Voigt's seductive, synaesthetic writing is often astonishing. Prepare to be surprised as the walls of your 8 x 8 dwelling reverberate even when the volume is down low.¨ - Jonathan Back


¨A brave and unapologetic call to your wildness. Voigt takes us on a mesmerizing yet piercing rumpus through a lush subterranean landscape, beckoning the reader to follow their unique star.” - Julie Taormina


*Part of every sale goes to help animals in need*

Fox Woman Dreaming (Novel)

SKU: 0002
  • Available as Ebook, Paperback and Hardcover

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